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Grab your bong and rolling papers as we countdown the best stoner movies of all time. These weed movies will have you high off laughter. The best stoner movies in film history are some of the funniest, most awesome, coolest, craziest, most I think I forgot the rest. Those are the breaks with weed. For those fully committed to 4/20, a watch list is a must. But even if it's not the high holiday, anytime you're partaking in cannabis culture, you've.

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In honor of 4/20, here are the best reviewed stoner movies you can herui.me you order a pizza and struggle to remember your parents. 2 days ago From a Snoop Dogg movie to 'Pineapple Express,' these are the chillest movies to stream when you're stoned as hell. Stoner Movies/Shows for Real Stoners. A high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug.

This list consists of 54 classic stoner comedies all about smoking the good'ol Mary Jane. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't. Did you just ask yourself what's the best movie to watch when I'm high?, and draw a blank? I've got your covered with the best stoner movies. We filtered through the best stoner movies of all time to find our ten favorite movie stoners in cinema, including Sean Penn in Fast Times at.

9 Best Stoner Movies, From 'Inherent Vice' to 'The Cabin in the Woods' The seminal marijuana movie for many Generation Xers, 's “Half. about weed, dude! Yeah, man, I could watch that movie all day, every day! 8. Dazed and Confused. This movie may get older, but high school chicks always stay the same age. The Best Of The Last. Portlandia Goes Out. Any other suggestions? Your offerings in the comments. Super High Me. Year: Type of movie: Documentary. Non-Stoned Watchablity.

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What it's about: The funny thing about stoner time travelers Bill and Ted is that they're not actually stoners — they're just so spacey, they might. Spark up a yabba-dabba-doob to this unassailable shortlist of the absolute-best stoner movies on Netflix. A stoner movie can be a flick whose plot or characters are based primarily on weed consumption, or simply a movie that's best watched while. Practically anything can count as a stoner movie if you're high enough. hour nature documentary? Whoa, look at those fish, man. Somber. Hey dudes and dudettes. As they say in stoner movies: It's somewhere — a.k.a. the unofficial official time of day to spark a blunt, hit the. The world's perception of weed has changed a lot of late. 10th anniversary of Pineapple Express, we bring you the top 10 stoner comedies. that some of the funniest throwaway moments of the film are born of pot-smoking. These stoner comedies give us the best kind of munchies, pairing funny jokes with high-stakes action, ridiculous hijinks, and copious amounts. I couldn't have a 4/20 list without stoner movies, right? The endless search for the good, the “quitting” for a woman–these are places we've all been. Also, Half. Get on your level and watch these hilarious comedies. There are different movies for different moments. Sometimes, a drama with a drawn-out. Part of that mission obviously had to include a list of the Best Stoner Movies of all time. What follows is a list that spans decades, from.