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Which Star Wars Villain Are You? Give in to the dark side. Posted on December 22, , at p.m.. Matthew Perpetua · BuzzFeed Staff · Share On facebook. What did you get? Leave a Comment! MORE QUIZZES. Which Horrifying Cat Human From The 'Cats' Trailer Are You? Eat At These Chain Restaurants And. Okaaaay, so I already made a quiz (and a better one) for the good guys. So, I figured it would only be fair for the bad guys to have one, too. Hence this quiz.

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Question 1/ Which is more important to you? Money, I'm gonna be filthy rich! Power, I'll control the universe mwahaha! Loyalty, I fight for what I believe in!. The Star Wars franchise is one of the most commercially successful franchises in film history. Take this quiz and find out which Star Wars Villain you are!. Across the galaxy, the villains seek to control and destroy anything that stands in their way. But which one do you resemble the most?.

Are you the evilest of all villains or the one people are dying to know more about? Test your personality traits from the real world and we'll peg. Which Star Wars Villain Are You? Take the quiz to find out!. Are you Darth Vader or Kylo Ren? Take this quiz to see which of the iconic villains from the Star Wars saga you are.

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Oh, and if you're a fan of all things “Star Wars,” check out what we know about Galaxy's Edge, which is coming to Disneyland in (CIRCA) - Have you ever been tempted by the dark side? Do you have a little bit of a villainous streak? If so, this is definitely the quiz for you. Darth Vader and his army move down Hollywood Blvd in the 86th annual Hollywood Christmas Parade Sunday. The featured Hollywood stars. Sadly, it appears that you have fallen to the dark side. Answer the questions below, and let's discover Which Star Wars Villain Are You?. If You Can Name All These Star Wars Villains You May Have Joined The While a knowledge of the films is most important, many villain's. Let the hate flow through you in this Star Wars quiz, and find out Find out which Force-powered villain you'd be in that galaxy far, far away!. It's a big week in pop culture, as it is any time there's a new “Star Wars” movie. If you want to know more about Episode VIII read our review of. What do you know about the villains of Star Wars? Do you really know anything about Vader and his evil streak? Do you think Which villain kills Han Solo?. While there have been numerous different types of antagonists throughout the movies, Kylo Ren is exactly the Star Wars villain we need and. Biggest mistake a. With Solo: A Star Wars Story arriving soon, we've reflected on the Boba Fett, for instance, is a popular villain, but his costume is better than.