When jesus returns where will it be

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The time had come for Jesus to leave the earth. He had completed all the work that He had to do at that time. He was to return to our Heavenly Father until the. The Second Coming is a Christian and Islamic belief regarding the future (or past ) return of .. Their scriptures say that Christ will return, as stated in the Bible. One day Christ will return to earth in all His glory as the Judge who will right every wrong in our world. This event is mentioned throughout Scripture, particularly.

by Keith Mathison When Reformed Christians are asked which millennial view they hold, some of the more cynical among them will sometimes. Jesus means for his return to feel potentially imminent in every generation, while also helping each generation anticipate his potential delay. Many people ask, how many people will see Jesus when He returns? Christ's second coming will be bright, loud.

The Second Coming is when Jesus Christ will return to earth in fulfillment of His promises and to fulfill the prophecies made about Him. Jesus Himself promised. Certain questions about Christ's return keep coming up from interested and concerned And they will all accompany Jesus when He returns!. The world desperately needs the return of Christ. But the Bible warns there will be conflicting messages about when and where He will return. What's the truth?.

There are other such passages. God clearly promised that we would know at least approximately when Christ will return, and even the day will not surprise us. The Bible tells us about Jesus Christ's return. Nobody can say with any degree of certainty when Jesus is coming again, because He said clearly that even the. Homily for the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The Return of Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) By Kamal El-Mekki - Duration: One Islam.

Simply, only God the Father knows when it will be -- Jesus doesn't even know. God already knows every prediction regarding Jesus' return that has ever been. But then Jesus will return to the earth with the armies of heaven to save it from the grip of the beast and the Antichrist! After so much darkness the light will finally. He's specific. He's eager to tell us what's coming in the future, what we can hope for. But Jesus' return will not be a mystical or invisible event. Would that not be something? And yet the very real return of Jesus Christ to planet earth is going to be far more awesome and dramatic than the description. Did you know the Bible contains more prophecies about the Second Coming of Jesus than it does the First? In fact, the Bible says specific signs will appear prior . It is very clear in Scripture that Jesus Christ will bodily and visibly return to this earth. In the Old Testament there are prophecies which can be. But the Bible lists two returns-Jesus actually returns twice. Jesus gave us two specific verses in scripture that tell us what the world will be like just before. The Rapture will occur when Jesus Christ returns for his church. This is when all true believers in Christ will be taken from the earth by God into. Even with John's descriptions, it is impossible to imagine exactly what it will be like when Jesus returns and makes all things new. Use this. Yet more amazing than any film is what Christians will experience at Jesus' return . The apostle Paul urges believers to become familiar with.