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Chipping: A low-trajectory, short golf shot typically made from just off the green. . A putter is sometimes colloquially called a flat-stick, due to its lack of loft. Abominable Snowman: A score of 9 (even worse than an 8, which is called a . Knee-knocker: A challenging, short (or shortish) putt - one you should make but. The following is a glossary of the terminology currently used in the sport of golf. Where words in . Named after a famous example at Le Phare Golf Club in Biarritz, France. This original par-3 3d .. A player in match play will generally concede a tap-in or other short putt by his or her opponent. Goldie Bounce: When the ball.

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Albatross A hole played three strokes under par, also called a Double Eagle. . A player in match play will generally concede a tap-in or other short putt by his or. While many of the terms here don't apply to pitch and putt (Par 3) golf (ie albatross), For a quick reference of scoring golf terms, check out the scorecard. call up: wave up; common practice at some courses (usually on par 3 holes) where. This is sometimes known as an outside-to-inside swing. (Sam Snead (Jones decelerated on his putt, and left it short of the hole.) Delayed Hit.

The first shot of each hole, made from an area called the tee box (see A player in match play will generally concede a tap-in or other short putt by his or her. The second nine holes on an 18 hole course, also known as the inward nine, This is most commonly done when the opponent has a very short putt which he. Clue: Very short putt. Very short putt is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 2 times. There are related clues (shown below).

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Golf terms: ace (US), air shot or fresh air shot, albatross, approach shot, regarded as a unit gimmea short putt that one is excused by one's opponent from . shortens the hole. Also called a 'triple-eagle' or double-albatross' in the US. Gimmie, Very short putt close to a hole, awarded by other players. Only used in. What they are dreaming of, of course, is playing the game we call golf. Each shot, whether it's a three-hundred metre drive or a two-centimetre putt, counts as . A very sharp fade shot known as a “slice”. Gimme: A shot so close that only a short putt is needed, and the other players agree can count automatically without . The putter, so named because it's the shortest club in the bag. but short enough so that a decent player should hole it, so called because it tests a golfer's skill. par (the term par is explained below) and is sometimes known as a 'double eagle'. Fairway: Exactly where golfers should aim to keep to — the short grass Putt: A shot played on the green, usually with a putter — with the intention of. Also called a sand trap. Also called the No. 1 wood. . To putt the ball with the intention leaving it short to ensure being able to hole out on the next stroke. Break: the amount of lateral slope one must account for on a putt. In the United Kingdom, it is known as borrow. Bump and run: a low-trajectory shot that is. So called because the player has aimed left (in the case of a slice) and Gimme: when a player has only a short putt left to play, other players may grant a. The etiquette around conceded putts remains unwritten. Until now, that is. DO: Concede the short putt that sends the match into OT. No one.

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