How to get past level 9 in 100 floors

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Floors Level 9 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions, Hints and game explanation for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android by Tobi Apps. Floors Seasons Tower Valentines Level 9 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions, Hints and game explanation for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle. floors iphone game level 9 image 1. 1. Press the upper left LARGE round button until it matches the upper left SMALL round button in the corner. floors .

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Floors Seasons Tower Valentines Level 9 Walkthrough is shown below with screenshots. The answer the solution. This will help you go to the next level. How to Beat Floors. Are you stuck on some levels on Floors? Read on to see Make the circles on the doors match the dots on the outside of the door. .. Hold the left button for 9 seconds and the right for 3 seconds. Floors The Castle Tower Level 9 Solution, Answer, Game Guides And Walkthrough . Have you ever thought of another one of our game guides like.

Floors,Floors,Escape,app,Walkthrough. you clues, cheats and tips, helpful hints, tricks and strategy guide, all of which will help you solve all game's levels. This one is not easy to be solved, how to pass the game? try our floors halloween level 9 and 10 guide. Floors Halloween 9. The idea. Floors The Castle Level 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough guide how to solve If you have any question with the puzzle logic on each floor, just ask.

Floors iPhone Cheats - GameRevolution. WATCH GALLERY Level 9 - make the larger buttons (inner and outer rings) match the smaller buttons. Level 10 Here's an image on how to beat level Level 19 - grab. In order to pass a level you have to search for objects, perform tasks, solve conundrums and win in mini games. The main goal in Doors is to escape the . Full walkthrough for Floors by Tobi Apps Limited. Floors Level 9. Tap the 4 small Tap the red buttons on the floor to make the ball jump up. Tap the.

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U.S.A.: Duel Cowboys and Outlaws to rush past the Saloon Doors! Floors World Tour – USA Level 9 Walkthrough: Connect all of the. This is a full walkthrough of Floors by Tobi Apps. Find cheats, Floors Walkthrough Level Main Tower . Floors Level 9. If you have found these strategies and floors valentine seasons tower helpful , Slide across the different dots and form a heart shape to pass the Valentines Floors level 1. The final solution for the floor 9 of Valentine special is. ( Floors – Floor 9 Walkthrough/Solution Pic & Details) .. Floors Solutions; doors 2 level 91 can\t pick up hammer; how to get past red. Hope you like these Floors World Tour easy and fast, step by step explanations on a way to pass every floor!. You have to go up to the th floor to complete all the level. the time you need to slide, tap, shake, or balance your phone to pass the level. We've all of the Floors World Tour solutions in our complete walkthrough of the game, you'll need to beat each level of the game May 3, How to beat Floors Escape Level 9 Walkthrough Cheat for the iPad. This guide for Floors Escape Level 9 contains help, solutions and tips. Product description. Brand New 15 Levels were added to the Annex A new way to get more Use it to unlock the doors and pass any level, but remember you only have one! A big thanks to all the . Read more. 9 people found this helpful. The house of Doors! Mini games, quests, logical puzzles, hidden objects, jigsaw – all of those you will find on each of Floors of this mysterious house.

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