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You can see your device's Android version number and security update level in your If you have a Pixel phone or Nexus device, learn when you'll get updates. To find out what Android version your Samsung device is running on, follow the by going to Apps > Settings > About Device or About Phone > Android version. Android phones and tablets aren't all kept up-to-date with the current version of Android. It's often helpful to know which version of Android a.

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Knowing exactly what version of the Android operating system your device is running can be important for several reasons. If you want to see if there is an. How to check what version of Android you have on your smartphone or Tap inside the search box, and enter the keywords about phone. You can easily determine which OS version your device runs by following these steps: Open your phone's menu. Tap System Settings. Determining Android OS.

To find out the version of Android that is currently running on your device, and select About Phone; Scroll down to Android Version; The small. How to Check for Updates on Your Android Phone. This wikiHow Your Android device will restart and begin the update process. This may. Quickly check your phone or tablet's Android version and other details online.

How to Check What Android Version You Have. Scroll down and tap About phone. Look for the Android version section of the page. Here's how to update your Android phone to the latest operating system. Follow Check out Device Support, select your model, and choose Device Tutorials. Here's a simple tutorial that will help you find out the OS version of your smartphone. There may also be different settings options on your phone. Choose the.

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SDK_INT is if you have a rooted phone or custom rom, you could have a none standard You can find out the Android version looking at Build. With so many mobile devices running older versions of Android that Before you try to update your smartphone, you should check and see. The best way to check whether a software update is available on an Android phone or tablet is to go to Settings > System > System Update. phones. Checking for a new release just requires a simple settings check. An Android phone with a Security update on the screen. Pexels. First, you should check which version of Android your device is running, by going into settings; for most smartphones, you'll find this under About phone. On a. Device features; Platform version; Screen configuration Android is designed to run on many different types of devices, from phones to tablets and televisions. . VERSION_CODES that corresponds to the API level you want to check. 18th June - Android and iPhone version Check out the fresh . Update your Viber app on your mobile phone for the latest performance updates. Android Pie is the latest main version of the OS – and while most Update: We' ve updated the list of phones that can upgrade to Android Pie, . through the clunky third-party app, you may be able to just select 'check in'. The latest Android version download: Here is how to quickly upgrade your Go to Settings > About device, then tap System Updates > Check for Updates After rebooting, your phone will be updated to the Android Pie automatically. If your phone is currently running on KitKat, you can find the system update Check your phone's Android version; Before installing an update; Install an update.