How to choose ice axe length

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Learn how to choose the right ice axe. This article discusses the anatomy of an ice axe, as well as axe length and weight. In general, technical ice tools are only available in one length (which can vary by brand/model, but is typically around 50 cm). But mountaineering ice axes are. This is sourced from REI's How To Choose An Ice Axe. When dropping flat on your axe in self-arrest, the length of the shaft can affect how.

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Petzl ice axes are designed for moving on different types of terrain. specific to its use on the terrain: length, shape of the shaft, of the pick. Two components are essential for an object to qualify as an ice axe: a pick, to strike into the ice B (basic): can withstand a load of kn over a length 50cm. How do you choose and ice axe? Here are some key factors to consider when buying an ice axe for mountaineering. Length I often see people with ice axes.

Knowing all the parts of an ice axe is a good first step to buying one: when choosing a length, with a smaller person requiring a shorter axe and vice-versa. Hi all, just hoping for a bit of advice about buying my first ice axe. I'm looking for something which will allow me to complete low-grade. PICK. Don't confuse walking axes with climbing axes. Although most be a great deal of confusion about the optimum length for an Alpine axe.

Broadly speaking, the taller you are the longer your ice axe should be. The slightly shorter length allows for a more comfortable and accurate swing when. There are a number of things to consider before buying an ice axe, such as length, material and the shape of the pick. We would highly. Hi I'm looking at buying my first Ice axe nothing special just for I did a course last year on winter skills but can't remember the size I used any. Choosing a best ice axe is a job to be paid full attention. If you are going to The shaft is the length of the tool that vary from design to design. The adze is like a. An ice axe is a critical piece of mountain equipment. Not only does it need to be suited for the terrain you will be encountering on a given peak. A: The usual method for determining the proper ice axe length goes like this: Divide your Or, if you pick up an axe, hold it in either hand and dangle it to your . The short answer is this: For all-around mountaineering, you choose the length of the ice axe simply by grasping its head (adze end) as if you. I'm heading to REI to get fitted/find out what size ice axe I need and I was hoping you could direct me to resources or explain how to properly. The traditional and time-served method of selecting an ice-axe's length is dismissed as 'dangerously outdated' and it seems 'the days have gone of an axe . There are several factors to consider when choosing an ice axe. suggest the shaft length for a walking axe should be no longer than 55 cm.