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Aspire is an American pay television channel targeting Black Americans launched by Magic Johnson on June 27, Contents. 1 History; 2 Business. UP TV is an American digital cable and satellite television network that was founded to have a Satellite. DirecTV, (SD). Dish Network, (HD/SD). IPTV. ASPiRE also will launch on FAVE TV and with five charter brand . as well as DISH Network on channel , DIRECTV on channel and.

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Aspire is the only television network that celebrates, shares and reflect black culture + urban lifestyle. #SeeYourselfHere. Mr. Johnson brokers a contract for the purchase of a new network based upon it being a Blacked and Operated Network. He acquired government monies, major . Aspire is the only TV network that celebrates, reflects and shares black culture and urban lifestyle. Follow us on Twitter @TVaspire Follow us on Instagram @.

See which channels are in each of DISH's TV packages & find the right package for you, whether you're a sports fan, a movie buff, or just want the basics. You can view a list of DISH channels online, and subscribe to Hopper magazine that provide details about DISH programming for the entire month. Find more. Catch up on your favorite ASPIRE (HD) shows. See what's on ASPIRE (HD) and watch On Demand on your TV or online!.

The Scientology Network launched Monday with a rather robust slate of streaming device support but only one pay TV operator, DirecTV, on its. Here's a list of High Definition (HD) channels available from specific television DISH Network HD Channels ASPiRE, i, Entertainment. Find your favorite channels with DIRECTV's Channel Guide! Explore more with the DIRECTV channel guide . , Christian Television Network (CTN).

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UPtv is the trusted television network targeted to adults who seek uplifting programming with authentic, relatable stories about what it is to be family. Featuring content focused on rodeo, bull riding, roping, reining, barrel racing, and other western sports along with western fashion, music, and movies, The. 44, NFL Network. 45, El Rey Network. 46, Nat Geo. 47, ASPIRE TV. 48, WE TV. 49, Oxygen. 50, UMTV Promo. , WKBD (CW). 53, UMTV Channel Guide. Johnson's channel, Aspire, was created with GMC TV and will focus on programming that celebrates the successes, achievements and. DISH Network and DIRECTV are the only satellite TV options that matter . American Heroes Channel, ASPiRE HD, BBC World news HD, BET. ON SATELLITE Link TV is available in all 50 US states on DISH NETWORK Channel and DIRECTV Channel ON CABLE Link TV is. Choice is everything when it comes to streaming TV. A&E; AMC; AXS TV; American Heroes Channel; Animal Planet; Aspire; BBC America; BBC Wold News An extension of Dish Network, Sling TV focuses on simplicity. Check out all channels for Sudden Link's TV Packages. ABC Family, Aspire, HBO Zone East. Disney, fyi, HBO Latino Eas. Sprout, Do-it-Yourself, Starz On. Christmas TV Schedule It is Christmas in July on the Hallmark Channel from July Saturday, July 20 pm – The Bernie Mac Show (Aspire). Charles Humbard, President and CEO, GMC TV, said, ASPIRE will be as well as DISH Network on channel , DIRECTV on channel