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India can be a difficult destination to travel. However, although India is not the easiest place to visit – it is one of the most rewarding. So, in order to help you make the most of your trip to India, here are some clever tips and tricks you should know before you go. A few expert tips will help you enjoy this challenging but magical country, writes Nina Karnikowski. 10 Things to Know About India. The country has brought the world diverse languages, famous actresses, and six seasons. By Sintia Radu.

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If the thought of squatting over a hole for days is keeping you from experiencing one of the most incredible journeys of your life, I urge you to read this. This list is. India can be a test for travelers of all experience levels. To be better prepared, see some helpful things to know before traveling to India. India is one of the most vibrant, colorful, exciting places to visit in the world. The diversity of people, culture and cuisine make it a worthwhile.

India is huge, amazing, and full of culture. It's filled with colors, architecture and history. The country has unique traditions and offers. Stop at any service station and you'll see queues of Indians gorging on McDonalds or other processed foods. It's always been usual to see the. How World's Greatest Threat Actually Helped Indian IT Companies Prosper Perhaps no other place will you find a Production Engineer.

He'll be the first president to visit the South Asian nation twice — and the first in ages to make such a long-distance trip just to visit a single. India will push you outside your comfort zone—but it's there that real magic can happen. Expect the unexpected when visiting India, home to over billion people. here are a few things to know before embarking on your journey.

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“You know what I.N.D.I.A. stands for, right? I'll never do it again.” I heard the joke over and over again. It sure felt true after two months there, but. The words “Honk OK Please” are painted on so that vehicles overtaking from behind know they have to honk to alert the driver in front. Sadly, the drivers in India. for the world. Here are few things about India that every Indian should know: 2. Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore. India is one of the largest countries in the world and is the second in India that there are laws providing that edible commodities should be. The India you'll actually encounter is a lot more diverse and complicated than that . Things are changing in India at a frenetic pace, especially in. Will you be one of the plus Canadians travelling to India this year? This list of helpful hints should be required reading for first-time visitors. Just when you begin to think you can sum up India, it surprises you, offers you something unique, or throws a new curveball at you. But don't be. Sensory overload is a given for first-timers in India. With a population of billion , a diverse landscape that reaches from Himalayan peaks to. Photo courtesy of Flickr/M M. Colorful and crowded, India is unlike any other place you've ever been. The vibrant sights, pungent smells, and. Part of the fun in traveling is undoubtedly figuring it out on your own, but India is one of those places that can still be chaotic and overwhelming even if you're.